We Are Whistleblowers

There are many wrong ways to blow the whistle….

Fortunately, for you, we know them all.  The most common mistake we see?   Whistleblowers who file wrongful termination lawsuits and unwittingly short-circuit their potential qui tam reward.

We’ve also worked with savvy whistleblowers who sought qui tam counsel early and were able to maintain their income during the long False Claims litigation process.  Most whistleblowers want to change systems for the better, and they want to be financially rewarded for their efforts.  To accomplish both, the savvy whistleblower retains knowledgeable counsel.

We understand whistleblowers because we are whistleblowers.

Linda Stengle, Esq., our Chief Executive Officer, has been a whistleblower and dedicated her practice to whistleblowers based on that experience.  We are caring, aggressive advocates who use the law to get you the protection you need, the anonymity you want, and the award you deserve.  At Stengle Law, we understand whistleblowers and what they need from legal counsel. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to the needs of each client and based on his or her preferred level of involvement.  Our firm will keep you involved instead of keeping you in the dark.

We understand business people because we are business people.

Stengle Law’s personel have “real life” experience.  Unlike most attorneys who went straight from college to law school to practice, Linda Stengle worked in business and non-profits before working in the legal industry.  Stengle Law’s practical experience provides for a quick grasp of the corporate dynamics and the pitfalls facing whistleblowers.  We understand the pressures facing our clients because we have experienced them ourselves.

We understand anti-fraud personnel because we are anti-fraud personnel.

Stengle Law enjoys relationships with private and public anti-fraud personnel across the U.S. and the U.K.  Fighting fraud is the foremost goal of Stengle Law.  Linda Stengle is on the faculty of the Association of Certified Fraud Specialists, and, prior to joining the qui tam bar, made a study of what mechanisms were and were not effective in making important advances on behalf of the US Treasury.  Stengle came to the conclusion that the federal False Claims Act and other qui tam programs proved to be the most effective means of change in the country today.