SEC Program

The SEC Whistleblower Program

whistleblower-tree2Those who know of possible securities law violations can qualify for a whistleblower award from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC recognizes the importance of whistleblowers and believes them to be a critical means to assist the Commission in minimizing harm to investors, improve the integrity of the United States’ capital markets, and hold accountable those responsible for unlawful conduct.

The SEC is authorized by Congress to provide monetary awards to eligible individuals who come forward with high-quality original information leading to a Commission enforcement action in which over $1,000,000 in sanctions is ordered. The range for awards is between 10% and 30% of the money collected.

Stengle Law has substantial experience working with whistleblowers and the SEC, guiding our clients through the whistleblower program created by the Dodd Frank Act.  Many potential whistleblowers mistakenly believe they cannot qualify for the program because of the complicated wording of the program’s rules.  Stengle Law recommends you call for a free consultation because you may qualify for one of the program’s many exceptions.