Hoo Boy! Can’t Wait to Speak to the DC Chapter of the ACFE!

I’m not kidding.  Tom Borgers, Louise Harris, and I are going to be at the March 25th meeting of the DC chapter of the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners, and I, for one, plan to enjoy myself.  We’re going to do a half day session worth 5 CPEs, and it will mark the first time that Borgers is appearing with the firm.  Much as I like Tom, it’s really the panel discussion with government folks that has me excited.

We’re going to talk about whistleblowers, of course, and I promise it won’t entirely consist of the same old crappy “talking heads” kind of presentation you may be used to seeing, particularly from lawyers.  We’re going to talk about international and domestic whistleblower programs; we’re going to look at the nitty gritty of some government whistleblower programs, and then we are going to practice identifying types of whistleblower complaints and for which government reward programs they may qualify.  Fun, yes. But here’s the really exciting part….

I got word yesterday that the United States Office of Special Counsel is sending a spokesperson that has been with the Office for years, and I am very interested in hearing what she has to say because she was with OSC before, during, and after Scott Bloch.  Like a zillion other folks, I was deeply interested in news reports of Scott Bloch’s escapades when he ran the OSC, from the opening anti-gay hiring zingers to the FBI raid of his office to his contempt conviction to his Virginia lawsuit alleging that he was pressured to close thousands of whistleblower cases.  I have respect for Jason Zuckerman, Bloch’s replacement, and I can’t wait to hear what the OSC is doing to dig itself out from the Bloch era problems.  Should be fascinating listening.

If you want to go, you can contact the DC chapter of the ACFE (?) or write Kathy@lindastengle.com for more information.

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