Government Partners

Partners in the Fight Against Crime

Stengle Law values our relationships with our government partners and works hard on their behalf in our shared goal of fighting fraud.  Stengle Law is always interested in assisting government prosecutors and investigators in any way we can to further our anti-fraud goals.   

Whistleblowers looking for a reward from a False Claims action, an IRS claim, an SEC claim, or a CFTC claim must realize that the claim is the government’s claim.  Stengle Law works every day with prosecutors from United States Attorneys’ offices, state attorneys offices, and the SEC.  Stengle Law also enjoys an effective working relationship with the IRS Whistleblower Office.

Linda Stengle, our president, has testified before the IRS regarding necessary rule changes for the Whistleblower Program and provided input into the SEC’s whistleblower program rules.

Different prosecutors and investigators ask for different kinds of support from relator’s counsel.  In False Claims actions involving state finance industry complaints, counsel will often play a coordinating role, making sure each named plaintiff state has the information it needs to move forward in a particular matter.