Focus on Defendants’ Wrongdoing against Government & Shareholders, not Against You.

The biggest problem that I have when dealing with inquiries about whistleblower rewards is getting the whistleblower to focus on what the potential defendant did to defraud the government and/or the shareholders.  The whistleblower would rather talk about what the defendant did to him or her.


Here’s how these talks go:


Whistleblower:  So, about three months after that, the boss gives me a bad performance appraisal. It was retaliation because I made that report.


Me:  What did you report?


Whistleblower:  I told them it was illegal, and right after that, my boss sent me an email telling me I shouldn’t be abrasive.  That wasn’t a problem before.


Me:  What was illegal?


Whistleblower:  It’s RETALIATION!


Me:  I meant your report….the report that caused the retaliation.  What was the company doing that you thought was illegal?


Whistleblower: Well, they were overcharging, so I wrote the email, and then, right after that my boss had my office moved.


Me:  Who was being overcharged?  The government?


Whistleblower:  Yeah, of course.  The boss just didn’t want to hear it.   And, I was the only woman there, so I think I upset the good ol’ boys.


Me:  Okay, what were they overcharging?


You get the idea.


I know it’s difficult when one is still reeling from office bullying and retaliation, but to make a whistleblower reward claim possible, the potential claimant has to shift focus.  The question is NOT what bad things did your boss do to you; it’s how did the company cheat the government or mislead the shareholders?


If you’re serious about trying to get a whistleblower reward, focus on the wrongdoing against the government and/or the shareholders.  Put your own situation aside – at least for the moment.

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