Stuff I Use – Windows 7 Sticky Notes

No, I am not talking about Post It notes. I am talking about a desktop gadget called “Sticky Notes.” I have been working on improving my Windows skills, and I happened across a tutorial for Sticky Notes.  I like this … Continue reading

The FCA Complaint – There’s an art to it

Every once in a while, I get called to consult/advise – whatever you want to call it – on a wrongful termination case for defense.  DEFENSE!?! I know, right?  Me and defense counsel getting together is almost always a recipe … Continue reading

Stuff I Use – A Logitech Trackball

In addition to adopting dual monitors recently, I switched from a mouse to a Logitech Trackball when I revised my set up for writing.  The trackball was a little tricky at first.  I wasn’t used to controlling my cursor with … Continue reading