Dear IRS Commissioner – The IRS Whistleblower program doesn’t have to be a black box.

Periodically, perhaps frequently, I rant about the IRS whistleblower program.  Why does the IRS think it can operate as a “black box?”  Why the over-application of rules against communicating with whistleblowers and under-application of rules that allow communication with whistleblowers? … Continue reading

Whistleblowers and Standing – Private Rights of Actions are Limited

I’ve run into two types of problems with understanding whistleblower standing lately – one from prospective clients and one from attorneys.  The prospective clients usually want to know why they can’t sue for violations of a particular statute; the attorneys … Continue reading

It’s Just Dicta – A little legal analysis for whistleblowers

Armchair legal analysis can be irresistible to whistleblowers.  Why fight the impulse?  Whistleblowers should be highly educated about their potential case.  Some surf the Internet to all hours of the night, and all of a sudden, they find a legal opinion that … Continue reading

On My Reading List – The Definitive Dossier on PTSD in Whistleblowers

Today, I saw Dossier was available and immediately downloaded it. I want to know if Michael Volpe found anything that matches my perceptions of whistleblowers.  Volpe is an investigative journalist. In Dossier, he explores links between PTSD and famous historical … Continue reading

Training at the DC Chapter of the ACFE

Our new little group presented on whistleblower law for the DC chapter of the ACFE.  The day went well.  I was surprised to find that the DC chapter is afraid of a little snow, but those in attendance were big … Continue reading

Hoo Boy! Can’t Wait to Speak to the DC Chapter of the ACFE!

I’m not kidding.  Tom Borgers, Louise Harris, and I are going to be at the March 25th meeting of the DC chapter of the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners, and I, for one, plan to enjoy myself.  We’re going to … Continue reading

Whistleblower Hurdles – Scheme Complexity

  Whistleblowers often develop their awareness of government fraud schemes over years. For me, I first had some nagging questions about what was going on; then, I studied those around me and formed a hypothesis.  I then watched for a … Continue reading

Got my CFE! Woot!

I am officially a Certified Fraud Examiner, and I am proud and excited.  I passed the application process, achieved the requisite level of experience working anti-fraud, took the test, and waited for the final approval!  Made it! I was sufficiently … Continue reading