Stuff I Use – Windows 7 Sticky Notes

No, I am not talking about Post It notes. I am talking about a desktop gadget called “Sticky Notes.” I have been working on improving my Windows skills, and I happened across a tutorial for Sticky Notes.  I like this … Continue reading

But is it a “Material” Violation?

Some whistleblowers don’t understand they must allege material violations to qualify for a qui tam award.  They reason that any violation is enough.  It’s not that simple.  Some violations are relatively benign.  Those types of violations won’t adequately fuel a … Continue reading

Hoo Boy! Can’t Wait for the CFE Conference at John Jay!

Tom Borgers is putting together a conference for Certified Fraud Examiners.  It’s scheduled for June 14, 2013, and will be held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which is part of the City University of New York.  I’m a … Continue reading

The FCA Complaint – There’s an art to it

Every once in a while, I get called to consult/advise – whatever you want to call it – on a wrongful termination case for defense.  DEFENSE!?! I know, right?  Me and defense counsel getting together is almost always a recipe … Continue reading

Zaring Draws Fire for Criticizing the SEC Whistleblower Program

  David Zaring, an assistant professor of legal studies at the Wharton School of Business, wrote an article for the New York Times saying he had “second thoughts” about the SEC’s whistleblower program.  Leading qui tam advocates say Zaring misunderstands … Continue reading

Stuff I Use – A Logitech Trackball

In addition to adopting dual monitors recently, I switched from a mouse to a Logitech Trackball when I revised my set up for writing.  The trackball was a little tricky at first.  I wasn’t used to controlling my cursor with … Continue reading

Dear IRS Commissioner – The IRS Whistleblower program doesn’t have to be a black box.

Periodically, perhaps frequently, I rant about the IRS whistleblower program.  Why does the IRS think it can operate as a “black box?”  Why the over-application of rules against communicating with whistleblowers and under-application of rules that allow communication with whistleblowers? … Continue reading